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Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

Search ads allow you to display your website listing at the top of the search results, and drive more traffic to your website.

Display ads can help you promote your business when people are browsing online, watching YouTube videos, checking Gmail, or using mobile devices and apps.

More than half of online searchers visit a store within a day of conducting a search. With Google Local Services ads, you can show up at the top of results when locals search online.

Geofencing advertising through XR Clarity, places a virtual boundary around a location, in which certain rules are applied when a mobile device enters or leaves. This laser focusing enables pin-point targeting for you!

  • Bing Ads is growing quickly.
  • There is less competition.
  • It’s cheaper.
  • Users have more control.
  • Bing Ads offers more transparency.
  • Use exact keyword matches.
  • Add more demographic options.
  • Nearly 150 million unique visitors per month.
  • Easier to use
  • High traffic volume
  • Easier to find you
  • Trust-worthy reviews
  • Credibility
  • No targeted ads. Unbiased search results.
  • One-page search results.
  • No social engineering based on your searches.
  • Higher chance of customer finding you

Research & Strategy

We begin each of our campaigns with 3 simple steps, keyword research, competitor research, and budgeting. All to be sure that our ad spend isn't going to waste in any area.

Campaign Mapping & Setup

After we've strategized, and found the target audience, we begin ad sequencing, setting the campaign up in the ads manager, then completing the copywrite for the campaign. SEO verified.

Analytics & Reporting

During the life-time of any campaign, we provide campaign, and ad analysis, ad testing, optimization, and weekly reporting. 

Protection From Fake Clicks

Each of our paid campaigns are covered by Clickcease. A company devoted to protecting your adspend by weeding out fake clicks, from competitors, and enemy A.I.

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